Traditional Chiropractic vs NeuroStructual Chiropractic

Traditional Chiropractic

When most people think chiropractic, the first thing that comes to mind is someone you see for a sore back, neck or maybe a headache. Most traditional chiropractors tend to be pain/symptom relief base, so they focus on:

1) Decreasing pain
2) Decrease muscle spasm
3) Increase movement in the joint.

There are many excellent chiropractors in our area that provide very safe and effective care for this, but normally falls under the category of “Band-Aid” or Relief Care. It is like taking expensive painkillers, that don’t fix the problem. It normally feels better, as there is no pain, but it doesn’t address the primary reason your symptoms were present and doesn’t get the best results for the future, so it doesn’t come back. Now our focus and approach is an area of chiropractic called NeuroStructural Correction, which addresses the underlying cause of many of these secondary conditions.

NeuroStructual Chiropractic

Think of your spine as the foundation and main structure of a house. If this was to shift away from its normal position it would make sense that you would find cracks in walls, doors not working properly and creaky floors.

You could spend a lot of time, energy, and money patching up all the damage. However, if you didn’t correct the foundation, what do you think would happen with your patch job…?

That’s right…you would be spending all that time, energy, and money over and over and over again. The problems keep coming back and sadly, don’t go away!

At Complete Chiropractic our focus is NeuroStructural Correction. We have found that rather than just repairing the visible signs of damage, we’ve chosen to fix the underlying foundation and structural problems, and help your spine reach its normal structural position.

Normal Structure

Many of the patients that make their way to our office appreciate the fact we take the time to show and explain to them how a NeuroStructural Shift can be an underlying cause that often is revealed as “symptoms”, or what NeuroStructural Chiropractors refer to as Secondary Conditions.

Once your foundation has been corrected, we show you and teach you how to protect it and keep it that way through personal recommendations designed for your particular spine and level of dysfunction.

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