How To Improve Your Personal Best With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic CareEven if you are not a professional athlete but enjoy participating in sports, cycling or swimming as a hobby or in a local team, improving your personal best is something we all strive for. If you are a professional athlete, you may already be aware of the importance of priming the body for intense physical exercise.


One way of conditioning the body and keeping it in great shape is through chiropractic therapy. Chiropractors like the experienced team at Complete Chiropractic, offer a drug-free method of enhancing performance and lengthening the competitive career of an athlete. Most top athletes, including household names such as Tiger Woods, employ chiropractors as part of their conditioning team.

Small Margins

In professional sports, even the slightest margin counts and can be the difference between becoming a champion and performing poorly. That is why you need to do everything to ensure your body is in great shape for agility, strength, and speed. Minimising the risk of injury is also an important part of conditioning the body. That is why you need to enlist the services of a chiropractor to keep your body in great shape.

Specialist Training

Sports chiropractors have undergone specialist training in managing sports injuries. They understand biomechanics and have a unique way of handling athletes. They devise ways to keep you focused on the competition even when you are injured. They help keep you psychologically engaged by designing exercises that simulate actual training.

Chiropractors may also make small adjustments to your body to condition it for peak performance. For instance, a chiropractor can adjust your training schedule to align with the competition fixtures and put you though exercise regimes that produce maximum output. They are also effective communicators who keenly listen to athletes concerns, ambitions, and expectations and advise them on how to handle their bodies.

The Services

When you visit a sports chiropractor like the team at Complete Chiropractic, you will be tested to determine the condition of your body. The results serve as a basis for any intervention such as pain relief, massage, and joint treatment. Chiropractors are trained to treat conditions that affect muscles, bones, joints, and nerves in the body. They expertly use their hands to adjust joints and muscles to improve nerve function and enhance mobility. They also perform tissue therapy and guide athletes on lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness to enhance performance.

Chiropractors can help athletes manage injuries using holistic methods. For instance, they treat concussions by realigning neck muscles to stimulate the recovery of nerves connecting the head to the spinal cord. They also help prevent injuries by realigning muscles, tissues and joints to enable athletes to maintain proper posture when competing.

Chiropractic remedies help athletes with injuries recover and resume training faster than those who undergo traditional therapy. Indeed, a study conducted in Canada showed that athletes who were getting chiropractic care had superior recovery from injuries than those who were not getting the same treatment. The therapy group also outperformed the control group. Simply put, chiropractors can relate with athletes at a personal level and work them through rehabilitation, therapy, and performance enhancement to boost their competitiveness.

Common Cricket Injuries And Treatment Options

Cricket Injuries

Let’s look at the five most common cricket injuries and find out how can these be professionally treated.

Pain in the Lower Back

Many of the movements in cricket rely upon the lower back for stability. So, it should come as no surprise that lumbar sprains are relatively common. Depending upon the severity, the application of ice and obtaining plenty of rest can be effective treatments. More severe sprains may require professional chiropractic intervention to alleviate pain.

Hamstring Strains

Hamstring strains can be caused by a lack of conditioning, poor muscular conditioning and sudden movements while on the pitch. Some symptoms include a sudden sensation of pain, a “popping” sound and the inability to place a great deal of weight on the affected leg. In severe cases, a hamstring tear can even occur. Some treatment options that an Adelaide chiro offer in the treatment of hamstring sprains include soft t issue massage, electrotherapy and immobilising the affected joint in order to reduce inflammation and to provide the hamstring with time to heal.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulders are extremely complicated joints and they are subject to a fair amount of wear and tear on the cricket pitch. This is especially true for bowlers and fielders. Repetitive actions as well as sudden physical jolts can cause injuries. Fatigue also plays an important role. There are several treatment options which can mitigate the impact of a shoulder strain. The use of anti-inflammatory gels, applying ice to the immediate area and a targeted chiropractic injury plan can all prove worthwhile. Of course, the exact type of intervention will depend upon the extent of the injury.

Oblique Pains and Strains

The muscles located on the sides of the abdomen (known as the obliques) are responsible for twisting movements (such as those required when batting or bowling). Therefore, the obliques are subject to minor issues and tears from time to time. Typical treatment options include resting the affected area and applying ice in order to relieve pain.

Sprained Ankles

Sprained ankles can occur when playing any sport and cricket is no different. Whether caused by suddenly stopping while running at a high speed or the improper shift of one’s momentum, a sprained ankle can be quite troublesome. Chronic injuries may occur if not treated properly. Professionals recommend cohesive bandage compression, ice therapy, elevation to reduce any swelling and plenty of rest. Other preventative options such as ankle braces and specific types of tape may also be employed.

All these injuries can be treated by the team at Complete Chiro SA. Whether you have recently suffered from a cricket injury or you are looking to prevent future problems, our professionals are always here to help.


The Relationship Between Poor Sleep and Neck (Cervicogenic) Headaches

Cervicogenic headacheObtaining enough sleep on a regular basis is critical in order to maintain our physical and mental health. Those who sleep poorly or who constantly awake throughout the night can often suffer from neck and back pain. This may lead to chronic headaches. Referred to as a “cervicogenic headache”, such a condition can be debilitating and downright painful. This is why it is important to understand the correlation between headaches and insufficient sleep. Let us take a closer look at how these two scenarios are related.

Why Could Sleep Trigger This Type of Headache?

The muscles within the shoulders and the neck are highly complicated and inextricably related to one another. If this region is placed under strain (such as sleeping incorrectly), the associated nerves can send pain signals to a portion of the brain stem known as the trigeminocervical nucleus (often abbreviated as TCN). These electrical impulses are thereafter interpreted as a headache by the brain. In the majority of cases, the upper three neck joints (C1, C2 and C3) are involved. To put it simply, instances when these joints are placed under strain or remain at an awkward position for a long period of time can often lead to a headache.

What Poor Sleep Habits Can Cause a Headache?

As we have seen above, neck headaches can be the direct result of a poor body position while asleep. Some situations which can contribute to this condition include (but might not always be limited to):

  • A pillow that does not offer a sufficient amount of neck support.
  • Sleeping in an awkward position.
  • A mattress that is either too hard or too soft.

It should also be mentioned that psychological stress may manifest as neck pain and stiffness in some individuals. This can lead to sleep issues that will increase the chances of developing a headache.

What are the Main Symptoms of a Neck Headache?

One of the first steps in diagnosing the presence of this condition is to appreciate a handful of the most common symptoms. These will often include:

  • Feelings of tenderness at the base of the skull and around the top of the head.
  • A dull pain that may radiate to the face on occasion.
  • A generally stiff neck or a slight lack of mobility.

Those who experience headaches in the middle of the night or upon waking might also be suffering from this condition. The good news is that you have numerous treatment options after a diagnosis has been provided by a health professional. Furthermore, relief can generally take place within a short period of time. This is one of the main differences between a neck headache and a migraine.

Do you suspect that you may encounter cervicogenic headaches from time to time? Is it difficult to obtain a sound night of sleep? If so, please contact Complete Chiropractic in order to determine the best treatment options.

10 Signs That You Should Schedule An Appointment With Your Local Adelaide Chiropractor

Adelaide ChiropractorAlthough general back pain is arguably the primary reason why individuals schedule an appointment with a chiropractor, there are other symptoms which should never be overlooked.

So, what are the ten signs that a consultation may be in order?

Joint or Muscle Pain

Joint and muscle pain in the back of your shoulders is a common symptom of an underlying issue. Whether referring to the upper portion or the lower lumbar region, it is always best to consult with a trained chiropractor.

A Job Associated with Seating for Long Periods of Time

Sedentary jobs (such as being seated at a desk) can often lead to back issues over time. In order to prevent any future issues or to address current problems, a trained Adelaide chiropractor should be contacted.

Unexplained Headaches

Headaches can often signal that the muscles in the neck are tense and under pressure. If other conditions have been ruled out, the chances are high that back problems may exist.

Chronic Pain in Any Part of Your Back

Chronic back pain can be caused by several situations. A chiropractor can help to identify the root source of this discomfort.

Shoe Soles Exhibiting Uneven Signs of Wear

If you notice that one shoe sole is worn down more than another, the chances are high that you have spinal alignment issues. The good news is that such a situation can be addressed with the help of a chiropractor.

A Restricted Range of Motion

A tense upper or lower back is normally a signal that underlying musculoskeletal problems exist. A chiropractor will be able to alleviate such frustrating levels of discomfort.

A Recent Acute Injury or Accident

It is always wise to consult with a chiropractor if you have recently suffered from an injury. From trips and falls to car accidents and sports-related injuries, embracing a proactive approach is the best way to avoid long-term health problems.

Shooting Pain in One or Both Legs

As the muscles and nerves within the back are connected to other parts of the body, extraneous symptoms such as pain or tingling down one or both legs could indicate other conditions such as sciatica. A professional, experiences chiropractor will be able to treat these conditions.

You Lead an Extremely Active Lifestyle

Active individuals are naturally more prone to back strains and injuries; particularly as they age. The best way to prevent major issues is to address any small issues as they arise.

You are Simply Looking to Enhance Your Quality of Life

The back represents a major muscle group and problems associated with this area can dramatically hamper your daily routine. Even if you only suffer from mild discomfort on occasion, you will be amazed with the results provided by a chiropractor.

For treatment of any of the symptoms above, contact your local Adelaide Chiropractor, Dr Rory Onley from Complete Chiropractic on 08 8362 5551.

What Benefits Can a Sports Chiropractor Offer?

Sports Chiropractor Even the most seasoned athletes are not immune to pain and injuries from time to time. This is particularly the case for those who are experienced professionals or who might be involved with physically demanding sports such as weightlifting or football. While it is nearly impossible to avoid the occasional back-related injury, the use of a professional, experienced sports chiropractor like Complete Chiropractic SA, can make all the difference in the world between chronic discomfort and a speedy recovery. So, what are some of the issues which sports chiropractors address and what advantages can you expect to enjoy?

Bespoke and Targeted Chiropractic Care

From a very basic point of view, the role of these professionals can be broken down into three separate categories:

  • Treatment
  • Recovery
  • Prevention

The first duty is arguably the most recognised, as athletes will sometimes require intervention in order to recuperate from an acute injury such as issues with muscles around the spine. Recovery is another important component of the entire process, as expediting this time period will enable the athlete to regain his or her mobility and strength. Finally, prevention is critical to help mitigate the chances that an injury will once again occur in the future. It should also be stressed in this sense that the needs of no two patients are the same. This is why you can expect a sports chiropractor to tailor their techniques around your specific injury. This targeted approach will help to ensure a speedy and reliable recovery.

More than Injuries Alone

Prevention and knowledge go hand in hand. This mantra is just as true when referring to chiropractic concerns. Professionals will therefore help you to better understand your body and its associated mechanics. This might involve learning specific stretching exercises, knowing which movements to avoid during the recovery period or ways to relieve any back-related pain in the future. In other words, knowledge is indeed power. One of the reasons why chiropractors take such a broad and even holistic approach involves the fact that this area of the body is quite complex and that it can be affected by even the most minor imbalances (such as poor nutrition or sleeping in the incorrect position). Thus, trained chiropractors will take a look at the “big picture” as opposed to just the injury.

Taking a Proactive Stance

Another role of sports chiropractors is to evaluate your current condition in order to detect any potential areas of concern that might not be outwardly apparent at the present. This proactive approach can help to prevent future injuries as well as to strengthen specific areas that might be prone to wear and tear. Ultimately, the knowledge and experience associated with a modern chiropractor can provide you with an incredible number of benefits if you enjoy sports on a regular basis. Speak to the team of experienced, professional sports chiropractors at Complete Chiropractic SA today on (08) 8362 5551.


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