Cricket Injuries

Let’s look at the five most common cricket injuries and find out how can these be professionally treated.

Pain in the Lower Back

Many of the movements in cricket rely upon the lower back for stability. So, it should come as no surprise that lumbar sprains are relatively common. Depending upon the severity, the application of ice and obtaining plenty of rest can be effective treatments. More severe sprains may require professional chiropractic intervention to alleviate pain.

Hamstring Strains

Hamstring strains can be caused by a lack of conditioning, poor muscular conditioning and sudden movements while on the pitch. Some symptoms include a sudden sensation of pain, a “popping” sound and the inability to place a great deal of weight on the affected leg. In severe cases, a hamstring tear can even occur. Some treatment options that an Adelaide chiro offer in the treatment of hamstring sprains include soft t issue massage, electrotherapy and immobilising the affected joint in order to reduce inflammation and to provide the hamstring with time to heal.

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulders are extremely complicated joints and they are subject to a fair amount of wear and tear on the cricket pitch. This is especially true for bowlers and fielders. Repetitive actions as well as sudden physical jolts can cause injuries. Fatigue also plays an important role. There are several treatment options which can mitigate the impact of a shoulder strain. The use of anti-inflammatory gels, applying ice to the immediate area and a targeted chiropractic injury plan can all prove worthwhile. Of course, the exact type of intervention will depend upon the extent of the injury.

Oblique Pains and Strains

The muscles located on the sides of the abdomen (known as the obliques) are responsible for twisting movements (such as those required when batting or bowling). Therefore, the obliques are subject to minor issues and tears from time to time. Typical treatment options include resting the affected area and applying ice in order to relieve pain.

Sprained Ankles

Sprained ankles can occur when playing any sport and cricket is no different. Whether caused by suddenly stopping while running at a high speed or the improper shift of one’s momentum, a sprained ankle can be quite troublesome. Chronic injuries may occur if not treated properly. Professionals recommend cohesive bandage compression, ice therapy, elevation to reduce any swelling and plenty of rest. Other preventative options such as ankle braces and specific types of tape may also be employed.

All these injuries can be treated by the team at Complete Chiro SA. Whether you have recently suffered from a cricket injury or you are looking to prevent future problems, our professionals are always here to help.