Adelaide ChiropractorAlthough general back pain is arguably the primary reason why individuals schedule an appointment with a chiropractor, there are other symptoms which should never be overlooked.

So, what are the ten signs that a consultation may be in order?

Joint or Muscle Pain

Joint and muscle pain in the back of your shoulders is a common symptom of an underlying issue. Whether referring to the upper portion or the lower lumbar region, it is always best to consult with a trained chiropractor.

A Job Associated with Seating for Long Periods of Time

Sedentary jobs (such as being seated at a desk) can often lead to back issues over time. In order to prevent any future issues or to address current problems, a trained Adelaide chiropractor should be contacted.

Unexplained Headaches

Headaches can often signal that the muscles in the neck are tense and under pressure. If other conditions have been ruled out, the chances are high that back problems may exist.

Chronic Pain in Any Part of Your Back

Chronic back pain can be caused by several situations. A chiropractor can help to identify the root source of this discomfort.

Shoe Soles Exhibiting Uneven Signs of Wear

If you notice that one shoe sole is worn down more than another, the chances are high that you have spinal alignment issues. The good news is that such a situation can be addressed with the help of a chiropractor.

A Restricted Range of Motion

A tense upper or lower back is normally a signal that underlying musculoskeletal problems exist. A chiropractor will be able to alleviate such frustrating levels of discomfort.

A Recent Acute Injury or Accident

It is always wise to consult with a chiropractor if you have recently suffered from an injury. From trips and falls to car accidents and sports-related injuries, embracing a proactive approach is the best way to avoid long-term health problems.

Shooting Pain in One or Both Legs

As the muscles and nerves within the back are connected to other parts of the body, extraneous symptoms such as pain or tingling down one or both legs could indicate other conditions such as sciatica. A professional, experiences chiropractor will be able to treat these conditions.

You Lead an Extremely Active Lifestyle

Active individuals are naturally more prone to back strains and injuries; particularly as they age. The best way to prevent major issues is to address any small issues as they arise.

You are Simply Looking to Enhance Your Quality of Life

The back represents a major muscle group and problems associated with this area can dramatically hamper your daily routine. Even if you only suffer from mild discomfort on occasion, you will be amazed with the results provided by a chiropractor.

For treatment of any of the symptoms above, contact your local Adelaide Chiropractor, Dr Rory Onley from Complete Chiropractic on 08 8362 5551.